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Testimonials for Darren and Lilia Creatives

“It has been a great pleasure working with Darren & Lilia across 4 series of DWTS Ireland. It’s a huge production and requires a highly skilled team and this amazing duo are the full package. They possess great production, creative and choreography skills and have an immense understanding of TV production, they thrive on tight deadlines and large workloads. Their knowledge and understanding of creating performances for TV is second to none and they make the whole process easy – from starting with a mood board right through to the live show you are in safe hands on any TV format with Darren & Lilia.”

Eugenia Cooney – Series Producer – DWTS

“With Darren as the Creative Director and Lilia as the Head Choreographer they are a strong and brilliant team. With a limited budget they have devised some fantastic routines along with the overall creative of the show. They really think about what they want to achieve, not just with the dancing, but with the music, graphics and lighting.

For me as the director it is great to work together with them to bring to the screen their concepts and creatives. We are in constant communication as to how we will make it work and get the best out of their ideas in the studio. They also have a huge understanding of what is achievable with cameras and all other technical aspects, which to me is very important.

It has been fantastic working with them and I really hope we can work together in the future.”

Richard Valentine – BAFTA and Royal Television
Society Award Winner and Director of DWTS

Darren and Lilia form a dream team of creative collaboration and their participation in any project is a sure guarantee of a successful, smooth and stunning production.

Darren’s input as Creative Director on Talent shows, is evident in all aspects, from the art direction to the set pieces, props, costumes, graphics and music. His Knowledge of dance and entertainment, in addition to his years of experience in talent shows, provides the perfect input in all matters ranging from casting, producing talent, to creating exciting story lines, problem solving and delivering the best content with the best look.

Lilia’s stunning choreography over years of Dance Shows completes the team, with innovative creations that bring all the aspects of the art direction together.

Together they form the perfect partners for every Executive Producer working on a talent show.

Michel Sanan – Executive Producer – DWTS

As a lighting designer, I find the creative process hugely rewarding and working for the past 4 years with Darren and Lilia on Dancing with the Stars Ireland is no exception to this. Each week up to fourteen uniquely choreographed concepts are conceived and creatively directed by Darren and Lilia before being developed out in a collaborative process by the creative team. Each concept is thoroughly critiqued and a realistic delivery is agreed based on the overall show creative, timings, staging and budget but never losing sight of the original concept. The whole process is intensely productive and the final variety of onscreen ethereal results speak for themselves. 

Peter Canning – High Res Lighting