Creative direction for dance

Darren & Lilia


Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova

As one of the most successful competitive dance couples of their generation, Strictly Come Dancing Champions and Stars of Stage and Screen, Darren & Lilia need no introduction.  They bring their decades of experience and flair to everything they touch and are uniquely placed to bring style and inspiration to any creative.

With more titles and accolades than most people could achieve in a lifetime, this talented couple have now turned their attention to different challenges.

Darren Bennett

Creative Director & Producer

Darren sees his role as following the creative process from concept to screen and from start to finish, creating the most amazing visual content and storytelling. From the initial inspiration to the creation of a brief or working as a team player with clients, Darren brings flair and expertise at every level and in all scenarios.


I really enjoy the creative and collaborative process from producing mood boards to the live studio rehearsals. Discovering new stories to tell and then bringing them to life.

Darren was probably always destined to dance! He was born into a dancing family with both parents being dance champions. As a young competitive dancer Darren represented Great Britain at World and European Championship level rising quickly through the ranks and has studied other styles of dance including Jazz, Tap and Ballet.

Lilia Kopylova


As a dancer herself, Lilia understand dancers and how their bodies move and uses her own considerable experience to create inspired choreography and narratives through movement. Her talent is now the foundation of a new and successful career as a sought after choreographer.


It's all about the story!
Creating visuals through movement and dance

At only 6 years of age, living in Russia, Lilia went through tough auditions for the ballet where she was picked out of many hopefuls. Even at this early age she had no fear of performing in front of thousands of people on some of the biggest stages and she danced in the Kremlin and in Red Square!

At the age of 9, Lilia was ice skating and then ice dancing and also started taking Ballroom and Latin American dance classes winning her first dance competition. Her passion for Ballroom and Latin dancing was impossible to subdue and by the age of 10 Lilia had taken this dance style up full time. By the age of 11 Lilia became Moscow and USSR dance champion. By 12 years of age winning within USSR wasn’t enough for Lilia and international success beckoned. At the age of 14 Lilia became Ballroom Champion of Russia and now her eyes were now firmly set on an International stage.