Lilia Kopylova

Lilia Kopylova was born in Moscow, Russia on 18th June 1978. Lilia's dance career begun at very early age of 4! When starting out as an ice skater part of her training were dance classes, strength and fitness classes and skating. In the same year on top of her already pretty full schedule she took up rhythmic gymnastics and roller skating.

At the age of 5 she went through some of the toughest auditions to earn a place in the best Sports School at that time CSKA where she was picked out of thousands of children and during the same year became number 1 in Moscow amongst her age group.

Darren & Lilia

At 6 years of age she went through some more tough auditions, this time for the ballet where again she was picked out of many. At this early age she already had no fear performing in front of thousands of people on some of the best stages in Kremlin and Red Square!

At the age of 9 she swapped ice skating for ice dancing and also started taking ballroom and Latin American dance classes and won her first dance competition. Her passion for ballroom/Latin dancing was too strong and by 10 years of age she took it up full time.

Darren & Lilia

By the age of 11 she became Moscow and USSR 10 dance champion. By 12 years of age carrying on winning within USSR wasn't enough of a challenge and that's where her international success begun. That year as a junior she won Copenhagen Open, French open and Italian Open in both Ballroom and Latin.

At the age of 14 when it was no longer USSR she became Ballroom Champion of Russia in under 16s. Lilia represented Denmark between 15-18 years of age winning many National and International Championships.